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For Some Whiskey Distilleries, Malting Is an Ancient Process Worth the Effort (VinePair)

In spurning commercial options for DIY malt, distillers gain more control over flavor.

Why Small Producers Are Slow Proofing Their Whiskey, and What It Means for the Final Product (VinePair)

Borrowing a technique from Cognac creates softer, more integrated flavors in bourbon, rye, and American single malt.

Can Zero-Proof Whiskey Stand In for Your Daily Dram? (Whisky Advocate)

These alternatives offer alcohol-free options for those taking a break from drinking.

Your Favorite Distilleries Want to Send You Whiskey (The Daily Beast)

Several states have recently passed laws allowing distilleries to ship spirits directly to your home. Will the rest follow?

Barbecue In A Bottle: Smoked Grains Create Unique Flavors In American Whiskeys (Barleycorn Drinks)

Native smoke sources like hickory, cherry wood, mesquite, and even American peat are punching up flavor in bourbon and rye.

In Whiskey, Age Isn’t Everything (PUNCH)

Once upon a time, 8-year-old whiskey was as old as you could get. So how did we get to 50-year-old age statements?

Tequila Has Discovered Unique Cask Aging Just in Time

Patrón and other tequila brands are using ex-sherry, Scotch and red wine barrels to great and new effect.

How Kentucky’s Vintage Spirits Law Has Changed Alcohol Retail (VinePair)

Are you a private citizen with some last-season George T. Stagg to offload? In the Bluegrass State, you can do so legally—and retailers are adapting accordingly.

Glenmorangie Unveils The Lighthouse Innovation Distillery for Mad Scientist-Level Whisky-Making (Men’s Journal)

Legendary master distiller Bill Lumsden reveals his plans for Scotland’s newest forward-thinking distillery.

Hey Bartender, There’s Peat in My Bourbon! (VinePair)

The whiff of earthy smoke more commonly found in scotch is now wafting through American whiskey.

Maestro Dobel Reveals World’s First Pechuga Tequila, a Savory Spirit Distilled With Turkey (Men’s Journal)

Vegans and vegetarians, look away: This meaty spirit is not for you.

How Craft Whiskey Made Bottled-In-Bond Relevant (Barleycorn Drinks)

Over a century since its inception, the bottled-in-bond label has found renewed life as a symbol of authenticity.

How Sweet It Is: Why Some Distillers Forgo Sour Mashing (VinePair)

Sour mashing is the dominant method of making bourbon—but it’s not the only way.

Hidden Treasures: The 10 Best-Kept Secrets of Single Malt Scotch (Whisky Advocate)

They don’t get the spotlight like Macallan or Balvenie, but these whiskies still deserve a place in your glass.

Priced Out of Bourbon? Go Back to Scotch (The Daily Beast)

A decade ago, Scotch whisky prices got so ridiculous that many drinkers turned to bourbon. Now the price for many bourbons is so high, scotch is looking like a relative bargain.

When Can You Buy This Year’s Pappy Van Winkle? Consult Our Whiskey Release Schedule (InsideHook)

Behold, the release dates for all your favorite rare and limited-edition whiskeys, including Buffalo Trace, Booker’s and Pappy.

Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Is Having a Comeback (Men’s Journal)

Once almost extinct, this uniquely Irish style now has more options than ever before. It’s a must-try for every whiskey fan, starting with these 10 bottles.

The First Japanese Whiskey Distiller Made… Bourbon? (PUNCH)

Jokichi Takamine’s application of Japanese techniques to American distilling nearly changed the industry forever. More than a century later, he’s finally getting his due.

How Giant Distilleries Make Some of the Best Whisky in the World (Whisky Advocate)

Get an insider’s look at the colossal inner workings of mega distilleries, from Kentucky and Canada to Scotland and Ireland.

Japan’s Forgotten Whisky (PUNCH)

Koji whisky is one of the country’s most distinctive, and overlooked, products. Can it break through in the modern era?

Proud American Lee Greenwood Is Launching His Own Bourbon (Whisky Advocate)

Nebraska-based Soldier Valley Spirits will produce the country singer’s whiskey, Lee Greenwood Signature bourbon.

Kentucky’s Most Mysterious Bourbon Producer Steps Out of the Shadows (Whisky Advocate)

IJW has been quietly laying down barrels for years, and now its plans are coming to light.

Do Scotch Whisky Regions Matter? (Whisky Advocate)

Where a whisky is made doesn’t necessarily impact how it tastes. In fact, it’s usually irrelevant.

The Truth About Big Box Whiskies (Whisky Advocate)

Costco, Trader Joe’s, Total Wine, and Walmart have their own private-label scotch and bourbon. I investigated whether these whiskies are worth your money.

India Is Whisky’s Newest Hotspot (Whisky Advocate)

Top-quality single malt distilleries are carving out a unique and flavorful niche.

Has the Era of Instant Whisky Arrived? (Whisky Advocate)

These producers are deliberately challenging, breaking apart, and remaking ideas about whisky—and whisky itself.

French Whisky Finds Its Footing (Whisky Advocate)

Steeped in a history of making wine, cognac, and perfume, the Gallic nation turns its attention to distilling grain.