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Priced Out of Bourbon? Go Back to Scotch

A decade ago, Scotch whisky prices got so ridiculous that many drinkers turned to bourbon. Now the price for many bourbons is so high, scotch is looking like a relative bargain.

The First Japanese Whiskey Distiller Made…Bourbon?

Jokichi Takamine’s application of Japanese techniques to American distilling nearly changed the industry forever. More than a century later, he’s finally getting his due.

Japan’s Forgotten Whisky

Koji whisky is one of the country’s most distinctive, and overlooked, products. Can it break through in the modern era?

How Giant Distilleries Make Some of the Best Whisky in the World

Get an insider’s look at the colossal inner workings of mega distilleries, from Kentucky and Canada to Scotland and Ireland.

Craft Whiskey Distillers’ New Gambit? Amaro

Already showcasing local grain in their whiskeys, distillers highlight other regional flavors through unique bitter liqueurs.

Why One Scottish Distillery Is Returning to Old-School Production

Floor maltings, direct-fired stills, and longer fermentations will take Glen Garioch back to the good old days.

French Whisky Finds Its Footing

Steeped in a history of making wine, cognac, and perfume, the Gallic nation turns its attention to distilling grain.

Meet Mike Jasinski, The Whiskey Whisperer

One of the foremost dusty hunters of rare bourbon and other whiskey shares his secrets.

MGP Just Bought a Kentucky Bourbon Distillery—But It’s Not What You Think

The Indiana mega-producer has major plans for its own whiskey brands like George Remus and Rossville Union.

Your Whisky Bottles May Soon Be A Little Smaller

The 700 ml bottle size will now be permitted in the U.S., and could lead to more variety.

Proud American Lee Greenwood Is Launching His Own Bourbon [EXCLUSIVE]

Nebraska-based Soldier Valley Spirits will produce the country singer’s whiskey, Lee Greenwood Signature bourbon.

America’s Alcohol Distribution System Means You Can’t Always Find the Whisky You Want

This simple guide to the three-tier system helps explain why one state’s shelves are full of Weller while another’s sit bare.

India Is Whisky’s Newest Hotspot

Top-quality single malt distilleries are carving out a unique and flavorful niche.

Cask-Strength Single Malt Scotch Is Built for Heavy Lifting

More alcohol means more flavor—but may still require a light touch.

Has the Era of Instant Whisky Arrived?

These producers are deliberately challenging, breaking apart, and remaking ideas about whisky—and whisky itself.

Highland single malt scotch maker Wolfcraig has also tapped a well-known master distiller to join its team.

Dalmore Master Blender Richard Paterson Has Signed on With A New Distillery

Exclusive: The People Behind This New Whiskey Actually Are Descended from Bootleggers

Jacob’s Pardon is made by Marc and Jake Taub, whose ancestors were convicted—and later pardoned—for illegal whiskey activity during Prohibition.

Japanese Whisky Finally Gets A Definition, But It’s Complicated

The new guidelines are entirely voluntary and exclude a style of whisky that has become increasingly popular.

Do Scotch Whisky Regions Matter?

Where a whisky is made doesn’t necessarily impact how it tastes. In fact, it’s usually irrelevant.

Kentucky’s Most Mysterious Bourbon Producer Steps Out of the Shadows [EXCLUSIVE]

IJW has been quietly laying down barrels for years, and now its plans are coming to light.

Edinburgh is the Gateway to Scotch Whisky

If you want to go deep into scotch whisky in a single city, Auld Reekie is the place to be.

Plan a Visit to These Terrific Distillery Cocktail Bars

Destinations unto themselves, these distillery bars go well beyond the post-tour pour.

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The Truth About Big Box Whiskies

Costco, Trader Joe’s, Total Wine, and Walmart have their own private-label scotch and bourbon. I investigated whether these whiskies are worth your money.

WhistlePig Sells Minority Stake to the Owner of Ardbeg and Glenmorangie

Moët Hennessy now owns part of the Vermont-based distillery.

Everything You Need to Know About Rice Whisky

Made with koji in Japan—and by American craft distillers—this unique whisky style is blossoming.

What Whisky Distillers and Blenders Are Drinking During Lockdown

It’s a tough time for everyone, and the pros are reaching for their most special bottles…or casks.

High Fashion and Whisky Look Great Together

Artist Linh Do blends her passion for scotch with her gift for creating haute couture.

Join This Whisky Club and Get Instant Access to a Worldwide Network of Drinking Buddies

With chapters across the U.S. and the globe, Drammers Club keeps the focus on laidback whisky enjoyment.

Look North to Canada for Your Next Whisky Trip

Just over the border—a car, train, bus, or ferry ride away—lie amazing whisky destinations.

Keeping Spirits Up, Even From Afar

It’s during the darkest moments that community and friendship become most important.